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Bite-sized, bi-weekly inspiration to unleash your creative greatness. 

Two Minutes to a Greater Creative You helps you live up to your creative potential and say "yes" to a future of imagination, inspiration, and innovation. This podcast compels you to overcome the creativity killers in your life so that you can become the innovator you were divinely born to be. The podcast has two versions:Two Minutes to a Greater Creative You, and the extended A Greater Creative You which is available to email subscribers exclusively.

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1. Creativity is a gift from God that allows people to perform functions that fall into      three categories: (1) generate ideas for communicating, edifying, and/or,              entertaining, (King David) (2) to uncover hidden patterns or to manipulate seen        patterns in unusual ways, (Joseph and Daniel) (3) to find innovative ways of            doing things that are useful in thereby producing tangible and intangible                solutions that make the world a better place (Noah). 

                                                                       LaVonne McIver James

LaVonne McIver James


LaVonne overcame a desolate creative period in her life. While she won the battle, she came to the realization that overcoming a creative crisis is not a one-time activity; therefore, she needed to develop the tools to sustain her creative intelligence throughout the rest of her life.  On a journey to  help others do just that, this podcast was birthed.

She is the founder and executive director of the Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival.  She lives in New Jersey with her husband and their two young adult children. 

Alicia Campos

Production Manager